Certainly, alternative treatment ( MEDICINAL HERBS) takes a lot of attention from people, they rely on it as an alternative to drugs, of which some drugs may have serious side effects on health.
But as medications have some symptoms and health damage, medicinal herbs also carries the same damage and can also pose a threat to human health if not used properly, especially the health of the digestive system.
Although doctors advise their patients to take some medicinal herbs to alleviate their medical conditions, at the same time they warn against excessive use of these herbs because of the damage they can cause if care is not taken.
Medicinal Herbs Damage to Health:-
People increasing having confidence in the importance and benefits of these herbs and prefer to obtain cheap street herbs compared to the prices of some traditional and manufactured medicines. 
It might be cheaper but may cause some damages that will require expensive and extensive care.
According to the research, many street medicinal herbs lack content and dosage!
Some Drs. added that these medicinal herbs may contain traces of insecticides that have a carcinogenic and severely harmful effect on the liver and kidneys. The poor and inappropriate storage of these herbs may allow the growth of germs, parasites, and algae, which may cause many diseases such as digestion of the digestive system and the occurrence of abscesses and bacterial and parasitic infections.
In addition, medicinal herbs may cause itching, allergies, and irritation.
In summary, these herbs are useful and effective if used under the supervision of specialists where the herb and dosage should be determined according to the pathological situation, as in the case of the use of pharmaceutical medicines and provided control and know the source of production and methods of storage and free of pesticides and colorants.