Some health tips

Tracking : It is recommended to walk for 10 minutes a day, which may be a useful addition for people who exercise before, but those who do not exercise at all, may find a good start to exercise regularly.

Weight lifting: It is recommended to lift light weights several times a day to help strengthen the muscles of the arms, and then move to lift more weight in the gym.

Eat fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are good for all parts of the body right from the mind down to the intestines.

Breakfast: It is recommended to pay attention to breakfast, and start the day with some a cup of water and fruits.

Avoid using calorie drinks: It is advisable to get rid of sweetened and calorie drinks.If you maintain that you can save 100 or more calories per day, and continuing on that for a year may result in a loss of five kilograms of weight.

Eating nuts: Nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and other nuts, are good for heart health.

 Eating seafood: It is recommended to eat seafood such as fish or other types of seafood, instead of red meat at least once a week, because it has a good effect on the heart, brain, and waist circumference.

Breathing deeply: It is recommended to breathe deeply for a few minutes a day, which helps the person to relax and lower blood pressure as well.

Hand Washing regularly: Hand Washing with soap and water is highly recommended throughout the day to protect the heart and health in general.

Enumeration of blessings: Enumeration of blessings and good events in life is useful for promoting positive emotions and may be associated with better health and longer life. Its notified that chronic anger, anxiety and hatred can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.