Important health care tips

   Try to do or avoid the following tips! 

* Avoid drinking hot drinks, because this increases the risk of cancer of esophagus or mouth.

* Walking daily for about half an hour, to maintain strength and weight.

* Chewing fruits and vegetables well, as this increases the concentration of cancer-resistant chemicals in the human body.

 * Slow down when doing various daily tasks, as there is no need to rush because its daily basis, for it will affect your health.

* Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables because it will facilitate a digestion in the body.

* Try to replace white sugar with honey in your drinks, to strengthen immunity and resistance to germs.

* Wear appropriate sunglasses to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays that leads to a long-term darkness of the lens and affect the vision.

* To ensure the cleanliness of teeth, by cleaning them daily with paste and water in the morning and evening, before bedtime and after eating.

* Sufficient sleeping hours of about eight hours a day to obtain physical, psychological and mental comfort. It will also maintain skin and cognitive abilities and avoid suffering from nervousness, tension and anxiety.

*  Replace white bread with brown bread, because it leads to a rich in fiber that facilitates digestion, and maintains weight.

* Drink green tea at the rate of one cup per day, to prevent oxidation of the cells of the body, and reduce the possibility of cancer.

* Eat fish once a week to take advantage of phosphorus and iodine that is beneficial for healthy bones, brain, heart and other body parts.

* Get some rest and recreation whenever possible, especially after a busy week of work.

* Eat dark chocolate, where recent studies have proven high ability to improve mood and resist anemia.

* Don't carrying heavy objects that adversely affect the spine, thus affecting the way you sit and stand.

* Use natural substances such as fruits and vegetables as masks to get rid of skin problems, instead of using powders and harmful chemicals.

* Ensure clean clothes,  bed sheets and keep the refrigerator, bathroom and home generally clean.

       Stay healthy because your health is your wealth.