Treatment of infant unwilling urination or nocturnal enuresis with herbs

Parents and guidance, I am wishing you a sound and healthy family and may Almighty Allah save and protect you all from any form of  illness.
Today we are going to talk about the aforementioned topic, just come with me walking.

Treatment of infant unwilling urination  with herbs:

First: Honey
 Honey is a very useful ingredient for health in general, and it helps to get rid of urinary incontinence in children, because it helps to calm the nerves and helps to absorb fluids from the body.

Second: Ginger
Grind 20 grams of ginger and mix them with 200 grams of honey, stirring well, and give the child spoon a day before sleep, so as to reduce the rate of urination during the night.

Third: black raisins "Zabib"
Grind the amount of black raisins, mix them with honey until they become a paste, and give your child a teaspoon of it before bed for at least two weeks, to reduce the proportion of urination in children.

Treatment of child urination by behavioral modification

Treatment of urination depends on the underlying cause of the problem. The primary treatment for night urinary incontinence is the most common behavioral modification, which includes:

Positive encouragement, encouraging frequent urination during the day.

Wake the child periodically during the night. And restricting fluid intake before bedtime.

And the use of devices that alert the child when the underwear or blankets become wet.

There are some things which do NOT help:

DO NOT punish for wet beds.
DO NOT shame the child in front of friends or family.
DO NOT lift the child to the toilet but ask him or her to go by themselves.
DO NOT try to fix their wetting-bed when other family members are around or going through a stressful time.

 Be aware that most children are already embarrassed by involuntary urination, and it is important to try to limit the social and psychological impact of the condition.